Letter to shamanic Spiderwoman


source: http://www.mindmapinspiration.com

Dear Spiderwoman,

Are you hiding somewhere? Where are you with your creativity, ability to connect with others, your insight view from above, your courage, and your weaving wonderful, connected webs….so much more I could tell about you being so precious and special?

Is it because it’s autumn where I live so that you are preparing for winter and just do everything slowly with less energy and more focusing on the next season to give birth to all your baby projects?

There was a time where I could see you every day. You had found your spot just nearby my drum and every morning when I woke up I could see you and felt you being my power animal.

But then from one day to another you have been gone missing.

Well I have to accept this. At the moment it’s probably more about working from inside out, like letting the baby projects grow.

Sometimes I wish that I could give birth already but I know it’s not time yet.

Sometimes I really feel like having spider legs and have difficulties to focus on the direction. Everything seems so important and every path needs to be discovered immediately. I have learned to coordinate my “legs” to not tripping over myself. The highest obstacle is being centred and keeping on track even though there are so many distractions and by-paths. Sometimes I need some winding up and down to focus again. Sometimes I think I am just relying on a very small thread and wonder if I am going to loose connection. This is so amazing about being a spider one single thread is sufficient to stay connected.

Coming back to my focus again I find it quite challenging at the moment to not getting out yet and to endure this transition phase in my life. I have really learned to let go of worrying too much and it felt like as if a huge mountain was shifted with that but if I only could know a little bit more about how my future is going to look like…

Anyway I am really happy to connect with you, dear spider because you are the one who brought back my creativity, my passion of writing and my wild heart and allowing myself to feel my passion and lust again and I know the urge to write more about this is getting stronger and stronger. I am still working on walking in my shining light and expressing myself in an authentic and deep passionate way. I have still got this feeling of making myself vulnerable.

Thank you and we will definitely stay in contact.



source: http://goddessschool.com


About shamanicspiderwoman

I am a courageous woman who left everything behind to move from Austria to Australia together with her family. I have started a training as shamanic midwife last year and enjoy this healing process and the connection with my tribe. I love to connect with the peace and silence of nature. I love the abundance I have got with my family. I am a writer on my path to publish my first short fiction book "Kassandra" in German. I am very passionate about connecting with other women on passion, sexuality and as shamanicspiderwoman I love to weave my web of creativity with love and humility.
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3 Responses to Letter to shamanic Spiderwoman

  1. sarah says:

    beautiful barbara, thanks for you honesty and courage and wild heart xx

  2. Henrike says:

    Hey Barbara, wow, this is so beautiful!! Have had a read around your earlier blog posts, too, and I am so so happy for you and impressed with you, thinking about the huge leap you have taken over this past year. What an inspiration! Bih hug to you from my beautiful farm in the shade of Mt. Warning, hope to see you again soon!!! 😉

    PS: See if you can make it to our next big event, a beautiful Kirtan singing night under the stars with hundreds of people: https://www.facebook.com/events/390010207778640/
    Maybe a nice weekend getaway for you and some of your shamanic friends?

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