Letter on Self-love


Letter on Self-love

I am probably repeating myself at the moment and at the same time I am growing and such as, I can add something as well.

I have already mentioned in one of my previous posts that I always listened to my inner critic and tried to survive in following those demands and obligations. Wanting to be perfect was of my self-dictated rules.

I always wondered why I felt so exhausted all the time. Now I know!

I could read this quotation from various people, it’s like when you listen to the flight safety instructions and when it is mentioned that in a case of an emergency, you should take the oxygen mask first and then offer help to others, even when your child is sitting beside you.

This is what I would have done or was doing all the time, offering help or assistance to others and putting myself behind. Now as I am more aware and conscious I can see the difference. When I put myself first I can nourish and treat myself how I would do with others and have so much more energy and  love for others. Now I know that it is not only “right” to act like this, it is also to honor me and my values first and then I open myself to my loved ones and later on to the world.

I always thought that this would be selfish but now I can find that it is life-saving. It saves my life to be conscious about my health, my values, my dreams, my needs and most of all to have the space to love myself fully, emphasis on fully, without giving in and loosing me in and with others.

When I could realize this in the last couple of days I had tears coming up a lot, feeling so much sorrow and empathy with myself for not having been able to give me this unconditional love earlier. This self-love to walk on whatever happens and whoever appears in my life is my way to connect with myself.

To be honest I have got so much experience in organizing projects or being capable in business life, also in searching for healing for my soul but so little in looking after myself.

So whatever I do at the moment I listen and learn from my heart, as always.

Much love,


self love


About shamanicspiderwoman

I am a courageous woman who left everything behind to move from Austria to Australia together with her family. I have started a training as shamanic midwife last year and enjoy this healing process and the connection with my tribe. I love to connect with the peace and silence of nature. I love the abundance I have got with my family. I am a writer on my path to publish my first short fiction book "Kassandra" in German. I am very passionate about connecting with other women on passion, sexuality and as shamanicspiderwoman I love to weave my web of creativity with love and humility.
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