Letter on abundance


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This is a topic which accompanies me a lot and I really like to go a little bit more into detail.

I am a person who likes to look a lot at the things which are not working yet, which could be better or could have been accomplished yet… because I am a perfectionist. Believe me I have read a lot about being perfect and currently I am reading a book about imperfection. So to explain further a perfectionist is scared to death to show his/her real self and would do anything to avoid that another person could probably get to know what is behind the cover and this makes the system running because as a perfectionist you need to work even harder in order to not to be discovered.

Well this is not quite a nice place to be AND (this is my word of abundance too, instead of BUT) I could come to accept me, how I am. With being aware and accepting I was able to take actions to change my mindset.

This started with little things such as in the morning I always say a gratitude prayer for what I am grateful for, sometimes I am grateful for the blue sky (which in Canberra is amazing) and I always include my family which is my starter package.  In the evening when I go to bed I have got a small journal where I write what I have been grateful for the day. Sometimes I cannot find enough space to write down everything I am happy about and sometimes it is just “I am happy that I can go to bed now”.

Coming back to my perfect view of my perfect life I often forget to look at the daily magic I receive from little moments because I want to be many steps ahead already.

Lately I have been quite stressed because I have got the feeling that I am running two jobs at the moment. The full-time I have got and the dream job I have got in my mind. Sometimes I have the feeling that I am getting crazy because my mind does not cope with this pressure and then guess what happens?

I let go and sit with it. I connect with nature and sit by the water and my mind gets calm and every inner struggle gets blown away. I am connected with nature and with this I slowly get back to my serenity. This is when I am grateful to sit with the water and watch birds and connect with the power of nature. This is where I feel reassured that I am on the right path.

To give another example: some days ago when I got up in the morning I had this “where I am going to go with my dream?” My inner critic popped into my mind and sooner or later I felt stuck and could not move out of my bed. This all happened within a couple of minutes. For no reason I had to look out of the window and could see a hummingbird. Coming from overseas this was like a little wonder. I felt so blessed and I started smiling when I looked at the little creature. As I always think that animals are great teachers I went straight to look it up and it totally made sense for my current situation.

I think I have mentioned that I have asked for support and I have received so much support and abundance from my husband, my daughters, friends, coaches, writers and professionals which I have never expected.

This is so precious and I cannot express in words the gratitude I feel!

This is what I want to express when I say the abundance I feel with little moments.

Much love, essence and abundance!



source: http://awaytogarden.com


About shamanicspiderwoman

I am a courageous woman who left everything behind to move from Austria to Australia together with her family. I have started a training as shamanic midwife last year and enjoy this healing process and the connection with my tribe. I love to connect with the peace and silence of nature. I love the abundance I have got with my family. I am a writer on my path to publish my first short fiction book "Kassandra" in German. I am very passionate about connecting with other women on passion, sexuality and as shamanicspiderwoman I love to weave my web of creativity with love and humility.
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