Letter on spark

Well, it has been over a month that I did not write a single post. I have been very busy in the background.

I am currently working on my new blog which consumes a lot of my energy, in a positive way. I have underestimated the time and effort a little bit, needless to say that I have some other projects running too.

The other thing is that I was also busy writing some chapters for my second book. The first one is now ready to go to publishers. I did not imagine that it will take ages to get there. I am a perfectionist. Everything has to be perfect. I am really grateful that I had the support from various people to follow my dream.

When I look back to my previous posts I could realize that I have promised more than I had shared in my posts. I had promised to write about sexuality, about deep feminine wisdom and probably I have covered those topics partly, but not truly. I felt scared and the time was not ripe to do so.


This is why I am working on my new blog to start with what I had promised. Not only with a new name, a new design also with a complete new content.

New link coming soon!

It really took me the last couple of months to declutter my life.

Areas I had to dig deeper:

Self-love, career, dreams and my desires and passion


I have only covered the surface. I could say it was a way of expressing my emotions, my fears in those recurrent topics, mostly relating to my career.


How did I struggle with my masculine energy wanting to be expressed in my writing and how did I struggle with masculine energy in my job and not having the courage to walk away.


It all happens for a reason.


I had to find my inner balance of feminine and masculine energy to be able to follow my dreams.


So what was it what really shifted my life and set of a spark?


I am not in my twenties any longer, even said good-bye to my thirties. Hello forties and with this everything shifted. I got the strong feeling that my life is too short to do anything I do not like any longer.

That is freaking scary and at the same time I feel that I am unstoppable.


I have never followed anything with such persistence as I do right now with my writing. I do have this big dream to be a successful published author and it feels as if I am facing obstacles one after another and I keep going and going.


So this is my spark to follow my dreams as I have got this vision inside where I want to be in my future. It’s not a rose garden yet, but I have already planted the seeds and I am walking my path.





About shamanicspiderwoman

I am a courageous woman who left everything behind to move from Austria to Australia together with her family. I have started a training as shamanic midwife last year and enjoy this healing process and the connection with my tribe. I love to connect with the peace and silence of nature. I love the abundance I have got with my family. I am a writer on my path to publish my first short fiction book "Kassandra" in German. I am very passionate about connecting with other women on passion, sexuality and as shamanicspiderwoman I love to weave my web of creativity with love and humility.
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2 Responses to Letter on spark

  1. Dear Barbara, you described it as scary to follow the path of your truth and your heart desires. But these fears are showing up only in your head. This is not your truth. What I can see is that it is freeing you. You are an eagle and now you learn to fly {again}. Love, Andrea Hiltbrunner

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